Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fruit & Yogurt Salad

This is more a snack idea than a recipe, inspired by two different blogs. I've been wanting to make this ambrosia salad for awhile, but never think about it till I really want it, so I never have the ingredients on hand. The other day I had a plate full of fruit so I decided to make a fruit compote and added some yogurt to make it creamy like the ambrosia salad. This is delicious! I used this as a side for our dinner (egg mcmuffins), but this would also be perfect as a light breakfast, healthy snack, or even as a dessert!
Fruit, cut up
vanilla yogurt, enough to cover the fruit
wheat germ
ground flax seed
Combine and serve!
  • I used bananas, kiwi, nectarine and apple.
  • This is a great base recipe, use whatever you have on hand to create a flavor you like!

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