Monday, December 28, 2009

Starting Out

I have a little problem. I am completely addicted to recipes. I hoard them like Uncle Scrooge hoards his precious little golden coins. I have entire notebooks full of recipes that I've printed from various blogs and collected from magazines, family, and friends. The only problem? I never use them! I end up making the same tired spaghetti or tacos night after night because they're quick, they're easy and the alternative is eating fast food - which happens way too often to be healthy!

Well all that is about to change! No longer will those recipes just sit on the shelf collecting cobwebs and mocking me in all their exciting and innovative deliciousness. This year I plan on trying out at least one recipe that I've discovered on a blog per week. Hopefully I can do more, but lets face it, saying I plan to do one every day just sets me up for failure. Since I don't want to torture my family with food they'll hate, most of my focus will be on relatively healthy meals that will be equally pleasing to adults as to kids and picky eaters.

Thanks for following me on this journey! Hopefully I'll inspire some of you also to break free from the food rut that your family is stuck in!

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  1. Hey Andrea! It's me, Kristin from your Mom's group. I follow this one blog ( and thought you might like to check it out. Her food sounds so yummy and she is a humorous writer as well. Good luck. If you find good recipes please share because I am in a food rut too.